A big dream

Last night I had a dream which is the longest dream I have ever had in my life, it is also the clearest dream I can remember. So I wrote down and analyzed it.

Scene 1: My grandma and I chatting in the house of grandparents in a night.

Scene 2: It was in a restaurant. There were many people, mixing the different circles of people I know. They were chatting and having fun. I noticed Zhang Jin ( classmate in primary school ) have fun with her boyfriend, hugging each other. I wanna call Zhou Yuxi ( classmate in high school ), she also appeared in the crowd and answered with surprising.

Scene 3: Out of the restaurant, seems like I took a boat in a canal. Yang Hongru or Guo Yanpeng also took a sampan. A short while after that, I realized that the canal was becoming built in the air, with many tributaries!

Scene 4: Scientists start a plan to research, they sent a team to a weird place have different space and time. In that place, everything is like the real world, but the team member cannot touch anything because everything is too slow to move, a second is 1000 times slower than the second in the real world! But the team member is in normal.

Scene 5: It was a horrible night cannot see anything. A scientist in the team was having a call with another scientist in the real world. He said” You should be brave and live! I’m in a weird world cannot move anything, and it is a long night now.” When he was talking, he noticed his hand moved a piece of paper on a rock! the paper blew away and unveiled a skull! Then the scene was changing and changing, he was surrounded by many skulls, he was in a horrible den! There was a big skull above the hole!

Scene 6: In this weird world, A trail covered with flowers and meadows leading to a most terrible world. The trail lures everyone to falling into this spiral road. This road filled with illusions to make you feel happy and also with happy memories. But, If you fall into illusions of the road, you lost consciousness and stumbled to the center of the spiral road, and then died.

Someone fell into this road and died, I also fall into this road, but I suddenly realized I was in an illusion, a person left me ( my dad?), the place was a residential building, I was on a high floor, I wanted to escape from the window so I used an iron rope jumping from one window to another with the moonlight. I jumped into a room, want to escape the illusion, but while I was preparing to escape from the gate, I notice a family eating in the dining room, then my action was becoming slower and slower, I couldn’t control myself! I couldn’t escape!

Scene 7: Seems like it’s in the store of school, but there was selling painting tools, I wanted to curl up in a corner in this store, I squeezed hard into this corner but I overturned a long strip thing, then triggered a series of collapse. The thing toppled down a high pile of oil painting tools ( maybe tubular pigments), then topple down almost everything in this store, this situation let clerks and students in a mess, clerks were busy with cleaning the floor. also raised contradictions between students. The thing noticed the school, school management dismissed and criticized some students who creating confusion.

But no one noticed me, I talked to Jiang Pei, “Only me know what happened in the beginning.” He realized and unspoken.

In a night, in this store, I found a pretty girl with a red umbrella, curling up and covering her face with dismay.


Scene 1: I think I should call my grandma.

Scene 2: Restaraunt is a place full of desire– the desire of appetite, our classmate s, Zhang Jin and hugging symbolize the outsiders’ desire. Zhou Yuxi is the lovely girl I admire when I was in the toughest period, she always repress her emotions but she got anything I want in high school. I called Zhou Yuxi means I also want to be admired, I also want to satisfy my desires, so she was surprised.

Scene 3: The river symbolizes life. Myself, and Yang Hongru, the people I had a bad impression, all in the river of life. but I didn’t know what will happen in the future so I’m adrift in danger, tributaries means I should make a choice.

Scene 4: As for sci-fi movies clippings I have seen recently, I think the weird world symbolizes the world in my mind. My thoughts cannot be easily changed by the outside world now.

Scene 5: Scientists symbolize the connection between my mind and the world, my mind gives me the power to cope with the outsides, but when my mind changed, it means I lose power, I will die!

Scene 6: Maybe the terrible trail in my mind symbolize the trap, the wrong concept, it always has the connections with my family.

Scene 7: A store is a place I always purchase things there. It means this is the place I should have a connection between the outside world. I want to find a place in the world, and change the world. Pigments ( I had a bad impression on oil painting) symbolize I will break the shackles on myself.

In the end, what’s the meaning of the pretty girl with a red umbrella?

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